Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow What!

You know what I want!

Face furst into the white meat chicken primavera!
PATTY:  Yes, it snowed all day yesterday and some this morning, but eventually the sun came out and the sledding began!  The hill behind our house is filled again with happy, sledding kids. 

BHU:  I will stay inside, thank you. 

PATTY:  Well, me too, aside from shoveling the drive and what not.  But a snowy day is always a good day for working in the sewing room, so head on over to Sew Sew Patty (tab at top) and see what happened!  Stay warm and remember Spring will be here very, very soon! 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Waiting for Spring

I will just be here in this chair waiting for spring!
PATTY:  Lucky boy to have a warm and cozy sunspot!  I see your fur is growing back, too! 
BHU:  It's all good, mom. 

xoxo Stay warm and dry!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Retro Bhu

Cleaning a little waiting for the snow to start falling and I came across these three photos of Bhu from long, long ago.  Isn't he handsome?  Doesn't he just exude confidence?  When he was a kitten, we were setting something up in the living room and a box wound up in the corner.  Box + Kitten = Permanent Installation.  So this wound up as his little "safe corner," where he could go whenever he felt he needed centering.  We gave him this vintage atlas to exercise his claws and another vintage book sort of wound up there, too, right alongside the basket where we keep all his toys. 

"Hello!  You wanna see mai Lair?"
"There's mai box and the claw strengthening equipment.  Just ignore mai mom's dum sun hat."
"I'll just sit here and guard mai toy basket.  Ahem."
Stay warm and safe today!  xoxo Patty

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Are you kidding me?  FEBRUARY?!! 
BHU:  That was a long nap!  What happened to January? 

PATTY:  You just snoozed through yet another month, Bhu.  But don't worry; that box lid looks really cozy and you seem to fit just perfectly.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's Out There?

A new year!
PATTY:  Bhu perched in the window on the first day of the new year and it was a lovely, sunny day.  Today, not so much.  A BIT CHILLY!  Oh, well, it's winter; what can we expect? 

BHU:  Ice on the window.  Can't see through the ice on the window!

PATTY:  So a few things have happened in Bhu's world the past several weeks.  Recently, Bhu has become excessively vocal.  No surprise:  he IS part Siamese and he's always sung to the ghosts.  So, I asked for help.  On Facebook.  Paula, Brulee and Truffle's mom, saw my plea and signed me up for a very cool group on Facebook.  It's always good to have the wisdom of those who have been there!  I got some great input and found a very helpful article on Catster ("What to do when your cat shows signs of senility.") 

BHU:  I'm Feline, not senile.

PATTY:  Ahem.  Sabryin and I changed our behavior, recognizing that he just wants more attention and so we stop what we are doing and give him pets.  He immediately quiets down and typically curls up and takes a nap.  I just want to thank the two groups on Facebook that made me feel less desperate about the situation:  The Cat Lady Coalition and Cats With Blogs.

Though we missed the Happy New Year hoopla, we look forward to all that 2015 has to offer and hope that some of it is great joy, superb health, and plenty of kitty treats for all our peeps and furrends!  xoxo

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear Santa Paws,

All I want fur KissMess is mai FURS BACK!!! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Me and mai pal Gumby up on the fridge, circa 1999!
It was 17 years ago that Patty and Sabryin came to get me at the Furry Felines Cattery.  I didn't want to go.  I ran everywhere, hiding under chairs and couches and whatever I could find and wherever I could fit.  I ran and ran and ran, but they got me anyway.  The first night they were very good at playing chase me; not so much anymore, 'cause they are getting old.  Ahem.

Speaking of old, this is a very old photo of me and mai pal Gumby.  We had what mai mom calls a "fatal attraction."  The first time I met Gumby, he was so spindly I just wanted to gnaw his little arms off!  It's the feline in me -- those uncontrollable urges.  Mai mom kept trying to put Gumby in places she thought I couldn't go . . . like the top of the fridge.  Guess what?  I got there!  You can see how happy Gumby is to see me. 

PATTY:  What you can't see are the deep fang marks on Gumby's poor little arms.  I had to save him, I had to.  He is now inhabiting a very special spot on the top shelf of the wall to ceiling bookcase, but don't tell Bhu.

Anyway, Happy Gotcha Day Bhu!!  We absolutely love you!  xoxo

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow Cold!

This is the place to be on a cold, snowy day!

You know what would make it even better?

Pets from Poppy! 
PATTY:  Can you believe snow already?  I'm just not prepared for this!
BHU:  Whatchu complainin' about allatime?  It's not so bad!
PATTY:  Easy for you to say, with all that FUR! 
BHU:  Your misfortune having been born a furless one. 
PATTY:  Yeah, only in the winter, mister. 

Hope you are all in a warm spot today, just like Bhu.  Hope you get some pets, too!  xoxo

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Feels like Summer; looks like Fall!

Look what I can see from mai fort window:
These leaves were all on the tree yesterday! 

Mai mom's dumb feet in her dumb purple shoes.  No doubt she's gonna drag some of those leaves into the house.

What can I say?  These particular leaves know their place.
 PATTY:  Well, Bhu, you have a very colorful yard these days, no doubt about it!  Guess I'm gonna hafta rake soon.  Today it is warm and lovely, but I know that winter is lurking somewhere north of here!   As for me, I quilted the Key West quilt today and I will talk more about that on "Sew Sew Patty."  Hope effuryone is having a wonderful Sunday!  


Friday, October 17, 2014


Then, a sweet little kitteh in December 1997.

Now,  a handsome feline version of George Clooney. (Zoolatry graphic)
BHU:  Today I am SEVENTEEN!  By the time I hit the internetz, I was already an adult kitteh and it was so much fun meeting all mai new furrends and visiting their blogs.  I even got to co-star in a soap opurra ("As the Paw Turns") with Sweet Praline, Ginger Jasper, Goma, Maggy & Zoey and who was that other little rascal?  Anyhoo, it's been an excellent time so far (except for some not-so-fun visits to the VET) and the noms just keep getting better and better!  Love mai mom and poppy, miss Sweet P and GJ, still have a heart pitter-patter everytime I see Maggy . . . and I'm planning to hog those sunpuddles for a very long time to come!

PATTY:  Hear, hear!  Happy Birthay, my sweet.  xoxo