Thursday, April 3, 2014

Holy Hail!

BHU:  Hey, mom, you put these quilt blocks on the floor and I thought they needed to be re-arranged a little bit.  Do you like the new arrangement?

PATTY:  Uh, NO; but I guess it doesn't matter what I like, right?  Speaking of things I don't like, what is the purpose of hail anyway?  Oh, I know:  to smash down all the beautiful daffodils and narcissus that JUST bloomed! 

BHU:  Must be.  Hope it's over for a while, though.  Hope all mai furrends and their families are safe and dry tonight!

PATTY:  Me, too.  xxoo

Saturday, March 22, 2014


BHU:  Hai, effuryone!  I reminded mai mom that it has been over two weeks since she let me visit you and she says it's because of Lent.  She says she has given up Responsibility and Obligation for Lent.    I'm tellin' ya, I don't understand this human habit of creating trouble and stuff before the holiday.  How can it be a holiday if nobody is havin' fun? 

PATTY:  Somehow, in a weird way, I think you actually understand my sacrifice.  


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Up, Down, All Around

PATTY:  I can't figure this one out.  Where's the top, or the bottom?  Anyway, it feels like spring today and everytime the weather gets like this I think:  Snow Peas!  I should be planting snow peas! Instead, what I am doing is washing all the quilts and linens from the big bed because Bhu had a hork-fest yesterday -- not just once, but twice.

BHU:  Ahem, it was a Hork Marathon.  And could you please keep it down because, as you might know, I lost an hour of sleepy time this morning.  It's not fair, but I'm gonna make up for it.

PATTY:  Effurrybody please keep fingers crossed for Spring Time!  xxoo

Note the impressive collection of dust on the 'tocks. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

No Kill Quilt

PATTY:  I finished it, despite major injury to my poor broken fingers, but it is too late for the auction, which is tomorrow.  The gold kitty is in honor of Ginger Jasper and the brown and caramel one is in honor of Sweet Praline.  I took a photo of the back of the quilt which was hanging in front of a window and the backlighting gives it an eerie illusion of kitty ghosts.  How much would you bid on this quilt?

BHU:  Where's the block in honor of me?

PATTY:  Oops!  xxoo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bhu's Blues

BHU:  So if for any reason you are feelin' sorry for yerself today . . . whatever it might be -- not enough 'nip, toys you don't like anymore, menu that's gettin' a little boring -- WHATEVER it is, it can't beat what happened to me on Valentine's Day.  See, I'm havin' a great snooze on the big bed and suddenly mai poppy scoops me up and shoves me in the crate and the next thing I know somebody's shovin' needles in me and I start feelin' a little woozy.  And then what happened I can't tell you because you will just be too horrified! 

PATTY:  I don't think it was all that bad, geez!  Bhu is fine.  He just had to get shots and in his inimitable way he created such DRAMA that they had to sedate him just to give him shots!  But his little hissy fits worked because they told us that he needn't come back for shots again probably ever. 

BHU:  I coulda told you that!  Ish, they never listen.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sno Hero

I can see mai poppy from the window!  That shovel is movin' fast!

At least we get some sun today!  Yay!
PATTY:  Lotsa snow.  Not sure how much!  Two snow days in a row!  Stay warm and safe!  xxoo

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ground Hog Souper Bole Day!

BHU:  According to the humans, if you see your shadow on Ground Hog day then you will have to have six more weeks of winter.  I can't see mai shadow, can you?

PATTY:  It's behind you, Bhu.  Furthermore, that's not exactly what the humans say, but whatever.  At least you're happy in the sunpudddle.

BHU:  And what about the souper bowl?  Is there no soup either? 

PATTY:  No soup for you, Bhu.  I've been busy making blocks for a quilt to be auctioned off at the Spay-ghetti dinner  later this month.   They didn't have many cat-centric items for the auction, so I volunteered to make a lap quilt.  Do you like it so far?

BHU:  Very purrity!  Are you sure there's no soup?

PATTY:  Uh huh.  Hope effurryone has a warm, safe, happy Sunday (even Punxatawny Phil)!  xxoo

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Genius of Meatballs

BHU:  Mai mom sez she is the Genius of Meatballs.  Poppy thinks she is, too; but she practices in secret, serving her meatballs only to him.  They were ooohing and aahhhing the other day so loud I had to go and check on them.  This is what they were eating:  Mexican Meatball Soup.  Too hot for me! 

PATTY:  I love meatballs -- all kindsa meatballs.  Serve it to me with meatballs and I will eat it!  Just looking at this photo makes me feel warm all over.  Right now, WARM is what I wanna be!   Last night the wind was so upsetting . . . egads, all I could do to keep from worrying was to quilt.  So I finished this.  Bhu slept nicely next to the spool of thread, watching it closely whenever I had to replenish the needle.  He is a purrfect quilter's companion! 

BHU:  Effurybody, stay warm and dry!  xxoo

Sunday, January 19, 2014


PATTY:  Much fun at the Skypants household yesterday when friend Ricky came to show Sabryin how to make bread.  We were gifted a used breadmaker some years ago and never had the courage to use it.  Ricky, an inveterate loaf-maker himself, offered to coach. 

BHU;  Mai mom freaked out because, you know:  MEN IN THE KITCHEN!

PATTY:  Yes, indeedy.  Anyhoo, after Sab got the pot loaded with bread stuff they set it in the bread maker and it worked great for a few minutes and then horrible noises began to issue forth -- that nightmarish metal-on-metal sound that translates to "I'm broken; you're screwed."  So, I packed it up and hauled it out to the curb.  Meanwhile, Sab and Ricky extricated the dough from the pot and started the old-fashioned muscle-on-muscle process of kneading. 

BHU:  Long story, glorious ending.  Butter me!

Happy Sunday, all!  xxoo